Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rexburgian Friends!

This is Chelsea and Nate! They lived above us! This is the Saxton family! Tia, Michael, and Everett!
This is Kelsey and Brady!
The last time I got to hold Everett! He was asleep when we went to say goodbye!

Surprise Surprise! This is Nathan! Bet you didn't expect to hear my voice! We miss y'all!

okay so that was all that Nate had to say...He isn't big on blogging YET. Hopefully once we get to NYC he'll have something more to say. These are pics from our last night with some of our ward friends in rexburg. Sadly Alisha and Travis weren't in the picture. Alisha has taken to sleeping early since her pregnancy began, but we still love 'em! Also, Scott and Melinda were absent from this late night photo shoot. We were blessed with wonderful friends in our ward.

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