Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here we go, One more time! We've got the Flow!

The "businesses," (as my dear friends the Mennears, coined us, the Lauritzens) are back at it. I said that I was going to start blogging again last August and I failed miserably. I didn't want to divulge our news that I was pregnant with twins too soon, so I just kept putting off the blog. For a whole year. I'm back, again. Here I go, one more time. If I ever really need a pick me up I can just listen to the NSYNC pandora station and that will get me going.

 Get ready! I'm going to give weekly updates on the babes, twinsies and Eliza the first, as we like to call her. (We got that from Sophia the First, in case you were wondering.) I hope to write some #laughatthecrazy posts along the way.

 A whole year has past and we are deep in the trenches of toddlerhood and twindom. In the past year Eliza turned 2, Nate turned 30, I turned 26, we moved, we had twins, we survived busy season, we had company come to town a few times (bless you all), we hit 7 years of marriage, and that about sums it up. I think. Oh, and my hair turned gray. That's a big deal and totally deserves to be listed in the happenings of this past year.

I will start playing catch up on the blog. Little by little, I will make this blog a happening place once more. Thanks to all who have read and will read my musings and such. I'll leave you with a video Nathan recently took of Eliza. She's a complete product of her parents. Part rapper + part boy bander = our crazy, pink glasses wearin',  polka dot lovin,' performer! (Yes, I leave off the ings when I speak. Yes, I am from UT. Thank you to a brilliant little primary child (primary no more) from New York, Sophie Glenn,  for pointing that out to me.) Oh Eliza, we love you!

Enjoy Eliza's rendition of N'SYNC Here We Go!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Music in Me

I may have introduced Eliza to High School Musical 2 and a few other musicals too. I usually bust out HM2 when I'm feeling homesick for St. George and want to see my old tap teacher and a few other friends that make funny appearances.

We're a musical lovin' bunch over here. Eliza loved the song the Music in Me because it says, "Na Na Na Na" and that is pretty much her favorite thing to say/ sing. She asks to listen to "Na Na Na Na" multiple times a day. I usually pull it up on YouTube on my phone if we are in the car or during bath time so she can hear it once or twice. Tonight at dinner she made her own mash up of The Aristocats "Scales and Arpeggios" and "Na Na Na Na." It went something like this, " Na-Na-Na-Na-Meooow!"

I love my goofy music loving daughter. I hope to get her singing on video soon! Lots of fun videos to come. I just downloaded the sheet music for the Music in Me. Here's to keeping up my sight reading skills and playing for pleasure. Bless our craigslist piano!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Long time no blog!

Hola blogsphere,

I am officially starting to blog again. I just decided. Mainly to keep a record for our family and to keep family and friends that live far away in the loop. There is a lot to update about, but I will slowly but surely fill you all in.

In the next three months we have our work cut out for us to find a new place of residence. Our apartment has been good to us, but we are in the market for renting a house. We have a lot to be happy about and a lot more to figure out in the coming months. Let's just say, the saying, "when it rains it pours," applies to blessings as well as trials.

Happy Wednesday ya'll! Expect a lot more action on this blog from our friendly neck of the woods. Oh how I've missed typing. haha A year or more out of school and I realized I don't use this keyboard quite like I used to. The pitter patter of the keys under my fingertips makes my heart flutter. Oh the little things!

haha I bet you missed me!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Tis the Season

Lots of changes going on lately! We have so many pictures to post, but I just chose this one for now because it shows just how cheesy miss Eliza is! She has a huge smile and a huge heart. She will be a year old next month! Every parent says it, but she is my pride and joy and I live for her hugs and kisses each day. In light of everything that has happened in CT this past week, I feel very grateful for my faith and my family. Sending love and prayers to Newtown. xo

A month ago today we moved into a new apartment. We still have some major settling in to do before we host Christmas Eve at our place next week (building IKEA furniture, putting up a Christmas tree, and such.) Immediately following the move Eliza and I travelled to UT with Jacob. He came to TX to spend some time with Nate before he left for his mission. He came right in time to help us move. Bless him! We couldn't have done it without him and the gangster crew that we hired. Nate hired some movers because they were cheap. Little did we know they were inner city movers who were stoked about getting a gig out in the burbs. We were stoked that they were buff. My couch and crib both took a hit from this move. Let's not talk about how bad the piano needs to be tuned. We're just happy the move is over and to have a craigslist treasure of a piano in our home.
We spent two whole weeks in St. George with the family! It was lovely. I visited some dear friends and fell in love with Kneaders French toast and Christmas decor. I maybe went there twice in one day. Shh!! We originally were taking this trip because of Jacob's farewell, but it turned out that Grandma Snow passed away early Thanksgiving morning and her funeral was held the same weekend as Jacob's mission farewell. It was a weekend of farewells full of so much love. It worked out perfect to have all of the family in town for both.  The timing of everything was a huge tender mercy. Jacob's farewell talk was about miracles and in preparing his talk we all contemplated and counted the many miracles, both small and mighty that have occurred in our lives, especially in Jacob's journey to becoming a missionary. He was called to serve in the Cusco, Peru mission and reported to the missionary training center in Provo UT today! It just so happens to be our youngest brother's birthday. Happy 17th Birthday Bob, aka Josh!

Eliza turned 11 months the day that we returned to TX! In the two weeks that we were gone I feel like she became a big girl! She adored all of her cousins and aunts and uncles. She even warmed up to Papa Devery and Grandpa Don with time and a few cheerios! Of course by the end of the trip she loved Grandma Diane to pieces too!

TX family and weather gave us a warm welcome home, literally. And home it is! We're grateful to live in TX and can say that we are feeling more at home. Can't wait to spend some time with Nate over the Christmas break before busy season strikes. Looking forward to our first family Christmas in our own home!!

To All, Have a Very Merry Christmas!!! LOVE, Nathan, Rachael and Miss Eliza Lu!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear Texas

Dear Texas,

I know it can take a long time for a place to feel like home. I am still waiting for that, "This is home feeling" from you. We are coming up on our year mark of moving to TX. So much has happened this past year, a lot that I wish to forget, and even more that I pray to always remember. My little Texan has brought more joy to my heart and peace to my soul than I could ever ask for. Whenever I begin to feel "homesick" I can simply look at her and remember that home is wherever she and Nathan are. For this, I am so grateful. Please Texas, sink into my skin a little deeper this next year. Maybe it would help if I purchased some legit cowgirl boots? Couldn't hurt!
Thanks for teaching me more about myself, strengthening my marriage, and giving me the opportunity to start anew, bringing new friendships and bonds that I otherwise wouldn't have known. Here's to a "bigger and better" year! With our upcoming move to apartment #6 of our 5 years of marriage, I begin to wonder how much longer we will merrily wander before we really get the urge to settle. We shall see! Some days I question "Texas Forever", but I know that we are where we are supposed to be, and that is all that matters for now.


I just keep singing, "Know you are not alone, I'm gonna make this place your home."--Phillip Phillips

"Wherever you are it is your friends who make your world."--William James
Tis true!

Texas Sky

Grandma and Grandpa Hoefelmann's 60th Wedding Anniversary

My Dad's parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on November 8th. Our family in Missouri is having a surprise party for them on the 28th of October, and I am publishing this photo collage with Heritage Makeres to be presented on a beautiful canvas at the party.

I wish I could be at the party. I remember celebrating their 50th 10 years ago. I can't belive all that life has brought in ten years! What a beautiful life, even with all of the challenges and trials. Family is truly everything. (And those friends that count as family!)

I recently became a Personal Publishing Consultant for Heritage Makers, a personal publishing company. A passion of mine has always been family history. I look forward to creating many projects that will help preserve our family heritage and memories. For anyone interested in learning more about Heritage Makers, check out my webpage www.pictureyourheritage.com.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Birth to Six Months

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Create your own custom photo books at Shutterfly.com.

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