Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IV Real!

Nate and I had an amazing weekend! We went to the temple on friday night for the last session. It downpoured right before we left, but we went anyway and I'm so glad. Then Saturday morning Nate won tickets at the In the Heights Lottery for the matinee show. It was sooo good. We loved it! Then, as we were leaving the theatre I noticed some people were taking pictures and kind of crowding around someone. We walked over to see what was going on and sure enough it was our "friend" Joshua Allen!! The winner of So You Think You Can Dance last season. I love this boy! Nate called his name and he turned around. We got to shake his hand and talk to him and get his autograph. He is adorable and very down to earth. Joshua asked Nate to hold his cup while he signed his autograph for us, and then he stuck his hand back out to grab the cup and Nate shook it. I didn't realize he was holding Josh's cup either so I shook his hand again too. Then he said, "Hey, are you gonna keep my cup?!" Had to be there but it was hilarious. Nate and I were both nervous. It was so fun to see him and especially since Nate and I both liked him and Twitch and Katie last season. I told Joshua that I loved him and congrats on winning. We are so goofy, I know.
For old times is No Air!

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Dustin and Melissa said...

That is so cool you met Joshua! He is awesome!

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