Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Found Fun!

Two weeks ago I needed somthing to do besides homework and housework, so I started watching "Make it or Break it" (a gymnastics drama) on Hulu. Needless to say, I'm addicted. There was a really pretty song on the latest episode, and I can't get it to embed but here is the link. It's called "Crushed & Created" by Caitlyn Smith.
Crushed and CreatedBy Caitlyn Smith/Sara Groves/Gordon Kennedy

Looking back on the things that found me
Places I would never choose
The same things that both haunt and heal
My demons and my muse

We are crushed and created
Melted and made
Broken and built up in the very same way
What I thought I could handle
What I thought I could take
What I thought would destroy me
Leaves me stronger in its wake

And there are times that I’ve underestimated
Both the grief and goodness found in something new
Where one thing dies, something else can be created
And though it’s truth you find, it’s innocence you lose

I’m not the me that I started with
My friends say my eyes are brighter
I’m not the me that I started with
I’m freer, and I’m wiser, and I’m stronger…

It leaves me stronger


Robison Family said...

Haha how freakin funny is that? I just finished watching it on It's addicting huh?

Dustin and Melissa said...

I'm glad you found a TV show online that you can watch when you need a break from all of your school and house work! :)

Rach said...

Hey Rachael, this is the weirdest comment I have ever left and I really can't believe I am doing it... My name is Rachael Lauritzen (Hawkins) and I googled my name to see what would come up. (Just curious.) Anyway, your blog came up and I was DYING that there was another Rachael Lauritzen out there!! How cool! Anyway, I kinda figured you were mormon seeings how you went to the Palmyra Pageant, and really just wanted to let you know that I am not a creepy person. I am also a mormon and I live in Southern utah. I really just thought it was crazy crazy that we had the same name! (I am married now and my last name is Hawkins. Rachael Lauritzen was my maiden name!) Anyway, I won't look at your blog anymore, because I don't want to creep you out! But, thought I'd leave you a comment! Really, don't be freaked out, I swear I am totally normal, just kinda surprised that someone had my name!! Be good to it! It's an awesome name!

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