Monday, June 28, 2010

Nightly Strolls

June is a beautiful month because it marks summer (blasted humidity!) and because Nate can be home by 6 or 6:30 most nights. It's a rare occurrence for him to be home that early any other time of the year, but one I quite enjoy. Usually after dinner when it has cooled off outside we take a nightly stroll. I have fond memories of summer nights in Rexburg because it seems like all we'd do was stroll and eat snow cones at the Snowasis . . . How I miss that place! I've learned to love strolling in New York too. Who wouldn't?! Tonight on our stroll we came upon a lovely antique.When I say lovely, I mean used. When I say antique, I mean recycled furniture. Nate and I saw the exact 2 drawer night stand that Nate and Luke picked up off the street for our first apartment two years ago. When we saw it we both said, "It couldn't be." Sure enough . . .we opened the drawer and voila! Cow print baby! "That's it!" When we moved last year we just sat that puppy on the street knowing some fool would pick it up just like we did. It's a heavy piece, well on it's way to earning the title of antique. The cow print made this recycled treasure unforgettable. It only made it from 88th to 89th last year. I wonder where it will go next?
On this stroll we also saw a battle on the streets for a parking space between a not so nice man who wanted out of his spot, and two other cars who were waiting to pull in. Let's just say that one of the two was not so happy to have lost the battle . . . this happens quite frequently here. We decided that the drivers of these little cars always win!

We stopped and took a looksie (my favorite word) on the steps of the Met. Actually, we ran up and down them for a while. I love walking along the Met at night. There were quite a few people enjoying the evening on the steps. It was lovely! On the walk home we decided we want to invest in our own snow cone machine. For now, slurpees do the trick. Thank goodness for 7-11!

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Nate and Erin Russell said...

i love that i know exactly where that 7-11 is and that someday i'll be able to stroll the streets of nyc with you. love you guys!

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