Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clownin' Around

Last week I managed to go running once. I'm really not motivated this winter. I sort of hate the frigid temperatures! I run with my dear friend Anna after work. At 5 pm we promptly change out of our tights/nylons into running tights to brave the NYC cold. Well, I forgot to pack my running tights, so I walked out in shorts and my legs were glowing. Anna was worried that I would get frost bite, so she kindly encouraged me to put my pink tights back on. I was reluctant, but didn't want to freeze my petooties off, so I changed again. I was a hot mess. Nate's Houston Rocket's sweater (a couple sizes too large), my blue BYU-I shorts (super unattractive), a lovely shade of magenta tights, and yellow neon running shoes. Phew! I don't know what was worse, my magenta tights or my white legs. I opted for magenta.

We enter the park. I told Anna I felt like a clown! Though, it isn't unusual for people to wear random colors and hideous outfits. (For instance, Mr. Man/speed walker on first Ave. thinks it is okay to wear his thong leo with fish net tights all year long. SO NOT OKAY!) 5 miles. Check.

Then, the commute home from UWS to UES. Should I have changed back into my skirt? Yes. Did I? NO. I proceeded to use public transportation in my clown outfit. I wasn't ashamed. Though, I joked with Anna that I was one of those "What is that person thinking?" people that others discretely take pictures of. We laughed.
Taken July 2010 at the Statue of Liberty
Woman wearing a Skort. Mickey Mouse watch. Wild hair that I never wanted to forget. oh, and a Bow!

Forward to this week. We ran once. I was decked out in Nike from head to toe and even had on my Brooklyn Half shirt. Anna told me I looked official. My inner runner (jogger now a days) was very proud.


Anna Elizabeth said...

and this is the precise reason why i love you.

Alicia said...

I am SOOOOOO Proud to call you my great friend. It is way easier to run when you are in bright colors. You just feel better. haha Are you doing races now? We should do one together. Lets meet in the middle- Kansas maybe? Love you Rach!

Nate and Erin Russell said...

bahaha i love the skort! and i love your running ensemble! good for you for going running!!! love you!

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