Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have nothing special, funny, or out of the ordinary to post about, but I am awake way past my bed time. The start of every semester I go through this. I stay up way too late and then get into a bad habit of sleeping in later than is needful. I'm working on it! But oh how good it feels to be back to "the usual." I finished my internship a couple of weeks ago, followed by a wonderful two weeks with my mom who came to visit from Utah. I forgot to get the pictures off of my mom's camera before she left. I really need to be better about taking pictures. New Goal! My mama is a very special woman and she means the world to me. We saw three shows, tried new restaurants, did some redecorating, lots of shopping, and had some R&R. She's truly the best!!

I loved my internship! I loved the experience, the people, the Upper West Side, working for the church, seeing Lincoln Center every day, and being near to the temple every day. I always tell Nate how much I miss living near a temple where we can visit the temple grounds. The internship was a highlight in my education. It was a blessing that Krisit-Lynn invited us to General Conference brunch last October where I met one of the most caring, hilarious, happy couples I know; the Double D Dotys! Thanks to Danielle, I scored my internship! I will forever have fond memories of Admiral Yost, and I already dearly miss the girls I interned with! I have never laughed so hard and so often in my entire life. It really helped me, "Miss Serious Pants All the Time" to have a daily dose of fun, friendship, and laughter. We were presented with pictures of the New York Temple on our last day. It was a perfect memento to remember the whole experience by.

Rach, Kellene, Anna Banana

Manhattan New York Temple by Jon Moe

Back to the usual. "I'm glad to be back in my own little corner, All alone in my own little chair!" I have two semesters left of school. Spring semester has begun and in full bloom! I'm getting the hang of my coursework again, and thoroughly enjoying having a stay at home student schedule. I'm loving running outside again, finally! I'm looking forward to Fall being my last semester. I plan to visit Idaho for graduation! When I hear certain music I am taken back to Idaho instantly and I miss it. I loved it there and probably hated it the way I love/ hate New York, but since I'm no longer there I appreciate it more.

My beautiful friend Carina in Rexburg!

It's funny because whenever things slow down for Nate, my world picks up. Hopefully next Spring we can truly enjoy all of the free time that Nate gets this time of year. Busy season has come to an end and we are glad about that. We are looking forward to The Royal Wedding, my cousin Karley coming to visit in 17 days, my brother and his family coming to visit the fist week in June, and our trip to Utah & Arizona in June.

Me and Kar, lovely as ever!
Can't wait for this girl to get here!

New news: Rachael called to be girls camp director. Nate joined a work basketball league. Last week he had his first game and they were creamed. He came home saying how big the guys were. Since then we've been working on bulking him up and slimming me down some.

What's new with you? What are you looking forward to these days?


Anna Elizabeth said...

oh how I have missed your blog posts! and oh how this makes me miss laughing with you!!! You are adorable and we will skype soon! I wish i could be in a little corner with you! :)

Nate and Erin Russell said...

i'm so glad everything is going good for you! and i will call you back or at least respond to your texts, but life has been pretty. dang. crazy. around here. love you so much!!

Alicia said...

You look fabulous as always Rach! I miss you dearly. Let me know when you will be in AZ! That would be really nice to see you even for a split second. Cant believe you have been in New York for 3 years now. How much longer are you staying? I love ya

Lil' LeBaron Family said...

Rach! Sounds like you are living life to the fullest! You are such an incredible girl and I miss you! We're looking forward to the pool opening and Ronnie graduating and Pres. Monson speaking at his graduation!!!!

Lil' LeBaron Family said...

OH and I want to see you in June for sure, so plan on it!

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