Sunday, August 28, 2011

The After Effects of Irene

Our Sabbath has really been a day of rest. We slept through the storm and then had cinnamon rolls for brunch. We watched My Fair Lady and researched baby stuff. Finally, we decided to take a stroll to see just what Irene brought to our neck of the woods. We headed over to Carl Schurz park to take a looksie and found one of our favorite spots flooded.
The Peter Pan statue was suddenly an island.

Quite a few trees were uprooted or damaged in NYC. We were very lucky to have minimal damage done to our neighborhood. Through all of this we learned just how important it is to be prepared. Better safe than sorry!

We couldn't resist the bump shot.
I'm absolutely in love with this brownstone and the gate.
I dream of owning this place. It is magnificent inside. I've been in love with this place since we moved to Yorkville 3 years ago. It is so charming. Once, someone inside had the window open and they were practicing the violin on their balcony. So dreamy! I can't help but sneak a peak inside every time we pass by. Nate and I take detours down this street just so I can peer in.

One day!


Jake and Jen said...

Freakin knock on the door and ask for a look around! That's what the ceiling fan kid would do. Haha, I'm glad my bumpin mama and her hubs are okay. I thought about you for days!
One day.

Jackie Pickett said...

Thanks for posting your pictures of your this park part of Central Park in NYC?

Who would have thought NYC would need to be prepared for a hurricane...glad all went well.

Thanks again for the great video for your baby gender announcement! I shared it with Mark and then I just had to call Pat...we talked for almost an hour and it was great!

Dustin and Melissa said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe all of the flooding and damage in the park!

P.S. Love, love, love the "bump" picture!

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