Tuesday, July 10, 2012

America+Dallas+Grimaldis+family=Happy 4th

She started the road trip to Dallas like this.
Then like this.
By the end she felt like this :)
E was so happy to see her cousin Madsen. Her cute denim skirt said it was 6-12 months, but I learned that was too wide of a range and we had to leave it unbuttoned .
Tummy time. Madsen's playmat is so much fun!
We went swimming!
Loved the pool. It was our first time taking E swimming.
Happy girl!
Mama Kate and baby M + Mama Rach and baby E
Going for it.
Madsen looks like he was going to headbutt E, but instead E just gave him a nice wet one on his forehead!
They weren't always so sure about each other, but boy are they fun together!
Brent and Madsen. Such studs!
One more picture with pizza for the record. Grimaldis in Dallas. Pretty good!
Boys are watching the Nathan hot dog eating contest on Coney Island.
She loves puppy & monkey.

Her grin behind the Bjorn was beaming!
Daddy loves to wear her around!
Rosy cheeks!
Manly men wear babies!
We had such a wonderful trip to Dallas over the fourth of July. I really liked what I saw of Dallas.We went up to visit Nate's brother Brent and his family. They have been in Dallas for the summer for Brent's internship with D&T (accounting runs in the family.)  They'll be headed back to Provo next month to finish their final year of school. Thank you Brent, Kate, and Madsen for your hospitality and the fun memories! We love you!

All of the pictures are from my i-phone. The entire trip I asked Nate where our camera was. His reply was always the glove box. We're going to make it a goal to work on our photo skills and take more pictures with the point and shoot. For now, at least we've captured what we have. We love our iphones for this reason.

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