Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Music in Me

I may have introduced Eliza to High School Musical 2 and a few other musicals too. I usually bust out HM2 when I'm feeling homesick for St. George and want to see my old tap teacher and a few other friends that make funny appearances.

We're a musical lovin' bunch over here. Eliza loved the song the Music in Me because it says, "Na Na Na Na" and that is pretty much her favorite thing to say/ sing. She asks to listen to "Na Na Na Na" multiple times a day. I usually pull it up on YouTube on my phone if we are in the car or during bath time so she can hear it once or twice. Tonight at dinner she made her own mash up of The Aristocats "Scales and Arpeggios" and "Na Na Na Na." It went something like this, " Na-Na-Na-Na-Meooow!"

I love my goofy music loving daughter. I hope to get her singing on video soon! Lots of fun videos to come. I just downloaded the sheet music for the Music in Me. Here's to keeping up my sight reading skills and playing for pleasure. Bless our craigslist piano!

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