Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Apartment and Stuff

Our favorite candy store! Dylan's Candy Store...Ralph Lauren's daughter

Char playing dress up in the furniture store
The couch we loved!
The couch we picked up and have called our own!

one of the 4 tvs...

Here are some crappy pics off of my phone of our apartment when we first moved in. We need to take real ones with the camera soon. Moving in was quite an adventure but the best part has been our furniture retrieval process. Pretty much if we see something we like on the street or if there is anything free on craigslist we take it. Luke and Charlene have played a huge part in our accumulation of furniture. Nate and Luke like to call it treasure hunting, and they sniff stuff out on the streets like bloodhounds. Luke's most recent find was a coat rack that has been put to great use already. Overnight it became winter here! maybe not winter, but dang cold and windy and wet! Nate's most recent find was an entertainment center. We had previously found one and had been using it, but the joy of using the streets as our furniture gallery is we can return and exchange all we want! We've been through 4 tvs now...we officially have two that work. One night a few weeks ago Nate and I decided to go buy a couch--preferably one with a bed. We had a sofa bed in mind but then we loved the one pictured above that "Nate is rocking so sauve-like". Luke and Char definitely had to be there to help us choose, but we couldn't decide between two couches and both would take 6 weeks so we just decided to go home and really measure our space. On the way home we just happened to come across a cozy little love seat that fits in our apartment perfectly! At first I was very hesitant to take someone elses couch, but they were upgrading and it wasn't too bad. We've since put a nice brown cover on it. Thanks so much Nate and Luke for haulin it up all those stairs!
The most amazing part of this entire post is that I've typed it all one handed! I accidentally stabbed my palm today while scraping brownies off of a pan...stupid me. Just last month or earlier this month I cut my finger trying to open something with a butter knife. Next time I will just soak the pan. I just feel bad because now my hand hurts and I'm completely out of commission unless I can figure out how to do laundry and dishes one handed...I'll work on it. Charlene being the amazing friend that she is went with me to the ER so I could get stitches. My first time to the hospital ever for something like this! I was terrified. I couldn't get a hold of Nate cause he was working, but Luke helped me locate a hospital in our area quickly and of course it wasn't that bad, but it certainly scared me...and now it hurts! I even had a tetanus shot. I am a wuss when it comes to shots but I handled it very well I thought. My doctor was pretty awesome. He told me I had to come up with a better story though, like saving a puppy or little children. Yeah, but No. He also told me to milk it for all its, chocolate, a seat on the subway! I highly doubt that a bum hand will get me a seat on the train, but on Nate's way home he did get me some of my favorite candy from Dylan's candy store. What a big Shhweetie! I shared it with Luke and Char for waiting in the waiting room for me.
Thank you Char and Lucas for being so tight and sweet and cool. Thanks for taking care of Rachael while I was at work. ~Nate~


TheRussells said...

RACHAEL! i'm so glad you didn't accidentally slip and stab yourself in the heart or something. that would not do. but thats sad about your hand. i love you and will hopefully see you in a few months! and i called you but it was probably too late so i'll try again later! i love you! and i'm glad you're learning the ropes of nyc so you can just hand them over :)

Anonymous said...

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