Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Utah-only 3 more days in counting!

Things I want to do in Utah when we go home for Christmas:
  • drive a car again
  • reveal a fun surprise
  • clean out mom's garage
  • visit Brother Day with Alisha
  • Give Lauren Davies a big hug before she leaves for her mission!
  • Tell Joanie I love her and write James D
  • find my pretty pink box that's been missing since july
  • take Hoefelmann name's to the temple
  • do Baptisms with Tawny
  • catch up with my dance girls...Sandra, Stacia, Kaylee, the list goes on.
  • watch a movie and have hot chocolate at Jen and Jake's house
  • play the piano everyday at Grandma's
  • going running with Kristen
  • have a sleepover with Kristen and Karley
  • go to a dollar movie since Nate and I haven't been to a movie since July
  • hangout with dad
  • hangout with Jake and Josh
  • write Thank You/ Merry Christmas cards and send them!
  • take a roadtrip to SLC to see friends...maybe
  • and go shopping at Costco, Wal-Mart, & Target (pronounced that silly french way)


PaulandSteph said...

A fun surprise? Do I hear the pitter patter of little feet? And no movies since July! Go see Twilight for crying out loud!

Aubri said...

You're so many kinds of adorable! I just love you. I'm excited to see you again!

Brady and Kelsey said...

the first thing I thought of when you said a fun surprise was a baby!? and Rach..you can't miss driving a car on these nasty icy roads! it's terrible!!

Nathan & Rachael said...

LOl guys...I figured that one might throw everyone off. Its not that kind of surprise, sooner than later it will be though. It's a Christmas surprise for the fam!! And I definitely don't miss driving on icy roads. That's for sure. I just miss driving on Rexburg back roads in the summer on sunday afternoons! Gee.

Jake and Jen said...

Well that sounds like alot of fun Rach. Does Nate want to do any of that!?? Hahaha. Can't wait to see you guys.

Brittani said...

WE should plan a get together, because I will be in St. George from Dec. 30-Jan.2. Let me know if you will still e there then?

kisa said...

RACH! Please add me to your list. Thank you. <3

tawny leigh said...

fun little surprise?

Myles N Amanda said...

why rach , why am i not on that list to come visit?

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