Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanks to the Gibson's for hosting! It's been another lovely Thanksgiving in NYC with dear friends. I completely fell behind on my gratitude list on the blog. oops! This was the first Thanksgiving that we didn't get up early to watch the parade. We caught the last thirty minutes on TV. oops again! Sleep just sounded so much better this year. We have a Black Friday story for ya...

Nate has been wanting a TV since we moved to the city. We've probably had at least 3 of those ancient boxes that weigh a ton from off the street. Nate was determined that this was the year. I told him that if he got a new TV that I would have to redo the apartment. The new place needs major work in the organization / decor department. So, we hightailed it to Target at 3:50 am and strolled to the back of the line that wrapped the Costco parking garage for what seemed like miles. By 4:30 we were in and all of the TVs that Nate wanted were gone (mind you, they opened at 4). LAME! We perused the store for a bit in search of some good deals. We ended up at the checkout prepared to splurge on movies. I was totally annoyed that we woke up that early to buy a couple of movies. Just then, Nate walked away to find a shorter check out line. In the mean time he sees a lady abandon her cart that happens to have the exact TV in it that he wanted. He asked her if she still wanted it, and she said no. He proudly walks back to me and says, "Look what I got!" Immediately, my annoyed scowl turned upside down and I smiled my frown away. "Okay, I guess getting up at 3:30 in the morning was worth it." I was so glad that we didn't have to fight anyone or attempt to steer that baby down the aisles amongst the masses. We simply spotted it, checked out, and peaced out of there real fast. Now, I get to start redecorating / organizing. Let the fun begin!

And just because I need to finish what I've started; some random bits of gratitude in no particular order...
12- Music
14- BYU-I
15- Sadie Bear
16- Jack
17- My VTing comp and those I get to "teach"
18- Seeing Nate's happiness with the sight of a new TV
19- Mountains (UT was beautiful last week!)
20- The doctors, nurses, and family members taking care of my grandparents
21- Nieces and Nephews: Ry guy, Ash, Addi, Naveya, and David :)
23- Thanksgiving Break
24- Christmas candy (Blue Tootsie Rolls and Hershey Candy Cane Kisses are the best!)
25- Our calling as ward missionarios
26- HUGS
27-Sleep! (I've already mentioned that I'm thankful for sleep, but you can never be too grateful right!)

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Dustin and Melissa said...

I'm glad you got your tv! Enjoy!

P.S. We missed you and Nate this Thanksgiving.

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