Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"L" is for the way you LOOK at me!

Love Day came and went. I adore Valentine's Day and always have. I love seeing people blush. People carrying over sized teddy bears. Outrageous balloons. Incessant pink and purple hearts. Rich chocolate. The loads and loads of roses on every street corner in NYC. Though, I prefer not to be the recipient of the over sized animals and obnoxiously nauseating balloons. I simply enjoy watching people!

Nate and I kept it simple this year. In years past he has been in charge of covering three holidays all on his own during the month of February: our half anniversary (yes, we celebrate our half anniversary. I like to take advantage of every holiday!), my birthday (yet to blog about), and Valentine's Day. We decided that from now on I should be in charge of planning Valentine's Day and he can worry about the other two days. That doesn't mean he is exempt from spoiling me to pieces . . . it just means he doesn't have to do the planning!

I bought him this book, I LIKE YOU. I always tell Nate, "I like you," to which he replies, "I love you too!" There you have it. "I guess I just like you . . . because I like you!"

Nate likes to tell me stories about his days working at Jack in the Crack. There was a woman who worked there named Rosetta who had a twin sister named Mosetta. Rosetta would always say, "Have a blessed day LOVE!" Valentine's Day was a blessed day indeed.

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