Sunday, June 26, 2011

4 More Weeks

I once was a perfect student. I quite liked that about myself. I thrived on it. Online schooling has changed me in not so great ways. I'd like to think I'd still be the perfect student if:

I didn't wait till Friday to start a week worth of work (okay I do some things, but not nearly enough early on in the week.)

I didn't travel in the middle of the semester. (Oh Bright One!)

I wasn't running a hotel and a travel agency. (A titch of sarcasm. I promise I enjoy seeing friends and family--Preferably in between semesters.)

I didn't complete 98.9% of my work in bed in my pjs. I'm pretty sure there is a large indention on my side of the bed from my homework spot. (There is something to be said for showering before noon and getting Vitamin D.)

Nate and I were both still students. His study days are long gone. Yay for him. We were great partners in crime when we both had school work to do. We lived at the library from sun up till sun down. How I miss those days. Well not entirely, but if I have to study I'd rather be studying together at the library in Rexburg.

And if school were still my number one priority above experiencing all that this city has to offer, making memories and friendships that I'll always remember, and keeping in touch with those I love. Yes, my priorities have somewhat shifted, but I think I've gained more overall and have come to accept that a 4.0 is just a number. Elder Bednar said, "The Lord knows who we really are, what we really think, what we really do, and who we really are becoming"...and that is all that matters.

The End.

On a more grateful note:

Only 4 more weeks till the semester is over. Hallelujah!
I get to receive an education. Hurray.
I graduate in December. woot woot!
I've had beautiful friends and loving family members support me through this whole process. Thanks to all for keeping me motivated and on track.
Special thanks to my honey for hanging in there during my semesters. I fail to function in the domestic goddess department while in school, and he gladly makes up for it. Bless him!

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