Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I got you!

My summer jam! I'm headed to the land of Dixie tomorrow! Home Sweet Home. You make me very happy.

Just registered for my last semester. Fall 2011 = Graduation! I can't wait.
In the now: Chillin' in Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Hotel Suite= bigger than my NYC apartamento.

Dear summer school,

This WILL be the FINAL summer that we meet :)

Best summer school memory of all time: Failing Eng. my junior year of high school (Me and High School weren't friends), 4th quarter, because I decided not to do a research paper. I went to summer school with all of the slackers for my first and only time while in high school. We played heads up 7 up and listened to Bob Marley. I turned in a compilation of all the poems I'd ever written in Restitution and called it good. A+!

Next summer and every holiday after Dec. 17th will be so much more enjoyable! Bring on graduation!


(Don't ask why I have been on this TTFN kick? It just came to me!)

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Congrats Rach! Feels so good to be done with school! I am tellin ya!I wish I was in george so I could see you. Love ya lots

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