Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Hoefelmann's 60th Wedding Anniversary

My Dad's parents are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on November 8th. Our family in Missouri is having a surprise party for them on the 28th of October, and I am publishing this photo collage with Heritage Makeres to be presented on a beautiful canvas at the party.

I wish I could be at the party. I remember celebrating their 50th 10 years ago. I can't belive all that life has brought in ten years! What a beautiful life, even with all of the challenges and trials. Family is truly everything. (And those friends that count as family!)

I recently became a Personal Publishing Consultant for Heritage Makers, a personal publishing company. A passion of mine has always been family history. I look forward to creating many projects that will help preserve our family heritage and memories. For anyone interested in learning more about Heritage Makers, check out my webpage

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