Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dear Texas

Dear Texas,

I know it can take a long time for a place to feel like home. I am still waiting for that, "This is home feeling" from you. We are coming up on our year mark of moving to TX. So much has happened this past year, a lot that I wish to forget, and even more that I pray to always remember. My little Texan has brought more joy to my heart and peace to my soul than I could ever ask for. Whenever I begin to feel "homesick" I can simply look at her and remember that home is wherever she and Nathan are. For this, I am so grateful. Please Texas, sink into my skin a little deeper this next year. Maybe it would help if I purchased some legit cowgirl boots? Couldn't hurt!
Thanks for teaching me more about myself, strengthening my marriage, and giving me the opportunity to start anew, bringing new friendships and bonds that I otherwise wouldn't have known. Here's to a "bigger and better" year! With our upcoming move to apartment #6 of our 5 years of marriage, I begin to wonder how much longer we will merrily wander before we really get the urge to settle. We shall see! Some days I question "Texas Forever", but I know that we are where we are supposed to be, and that is all that matters for now.


I just keep singing, "Know you are not alone, I'm gonna make this place your home."--Phillip Phillips

"Wherever you are it is your friends who make your world."--William James
Tis true!

Texas Sky

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Anna Elizabeth said...

Rachael. You are such a beautiful writer. You are able to express yourself so well. You are so strong, and have much to look forward to! Texas is a better place because of you, Eliza and Nate. I miss you everyday. LOVES from the west.

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