Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Tis the Season

Lots of changes going on lately! We have so many pictures to post, but I just chose this one for now because it shows just how cheesy miss Eliza is! She has a huge smile and a huge heart. She will be a year old next month! Every parent says it, but she is my pride and joy and I live for her hugs and kisses each day. In light of everything that has happened in CT this past week, I feel very grateful for my faith and my family. Sending love and prayers to Newtown. xo

A month ago today we moved into a new apartment. We still have some major settling in to do before we host Christmas Eve at our place next week (building IKEA furniture, putting up a Christmas tree, and such.) Immediately following the move Eliza and I travelled to UT with Jacob. He came to TX to spend some time with Nate before he left for his mission. He came right in time to help us move. Bless him! We couldn't have done it without him and the gangster crew that we hired. Nate hired some movers because they were cheap. Little did we know they were inner city movers who were stoked about getting a gig out in the burbs. We were stoked that they were buff. My couch and crib both took a hit from this move. Let's not talk about how bad the piano needs to be tuned. We're just happy the move is over and to have a craigslist treasure of a piano in our home.
We spent two whole weeks in St. George with the family! It was lovely. I visited some dear friends and fell in love with Kneaders French toast and Christmas decor. I maybe went there twice in one day. Shh!! We originally were taking this trip because of Jacob's farewell, but it turned out that Grandma Snow passed away early Thanksgiving morning and her funeral was held the same weekend as Jacob's mission farewell. It was a weekend of farewells full of so much love. It worked out perfect to have all of the family in town for both.  The timing of everything was a huge tender mercy. Jacob's farewell talk was about miracles and in preparing his talk we all contemplated and counted the many miracles, both small and mighty that have occurred in our lives, especially in Jacob's journey to becoming a missionary. He was called to serve in the Cusco, Peru mission and reported to the missionary training center in Provo UT today! It just so happens to be our youngest brother's birthday. Happy 17th Birthday Bob, aka Josh!

Eliza turned 11 months the day that we returned to TX! In the two weeks that we were gone I feel like she became a big girl! She adored all of her cousins and aunts and uncles. She even warmed up to Papa Devery and Grandpa Don with time and a few cheerios! Of course by the end of the trip she loved Grandma Diane to pieces too!

TX family and weather gave us a warm welcome home, literally. And home it is! We're grateful to live in TX and can say that we are feeling more at home. Can't wait to spend some time with Nate over the Christmas break before busy season strikes. Looking forward to our first family Christmas in our own home!!

To All, Have a Very Merry Christmas!!! LOVE, Nathan, Rachael and Miss Eliza Lu!


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Thompson Family said...

It is nice to read how well life is going for you. Your baby is a doll! She seems to be such a happy and content baby. I love it! I just love this age. Caroline has started walking (well now running) and it makes me a little sad to see the baby in her leave. But toddler is fun (just a little more messy!)I hope y'all have a great Christmas. It is such a great time of year!

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