Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Photo Shoot of sorts

Just another tram shot. Nothing to do with the fashion show.
Nate in his work clothes and a gorgeous smile! They took pictures at work that day.
Nate's first day of training. I felt like a mom sending her boy off to school the first day.
I was all ready for my first interview! I liked the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th much better.
And finally Nathan's Mr. Suave pose. And since you don't all get to here from Nate all the time on here I'd like to share with you a little Nathan phrase..."put a little pep in your step, a glide in your slide, and a little roll in your stroll...playa please!" I just asked Nate to add something to the blog and he wrote... "It's cool thanks. I love it! Nate" This is really Nate now. I just started training on Monday and I found out that my client is JP Morgan Chase Corporate. I am excited to move into our new apartment and I get off work tomorrow at 3:30pm for the three day weekend (ya so what now homes)! Thank you for your time regards.
okay!!! goodnight folks... I guess Nate is ready for the weekend. (and BED!)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Rachael my little black heart just broke!! Are you living in NYC??????????? That makes me so excited and happy for you, but so so sad at the same time if that is what is true!! I was hoping you and I would be able to catch up soon!!! :'( Have I ever told you how much I love and miss you? Cause I do a lot!! And I think that this whole distance thing is not going to work in this relationship - so you either move back or we're coming to you!!! So how are things!!! What is new in your life!! Are you loving things?!!? Congrats on the one year!!!!!! So exciting! When are you going to start having kids?! i feel like I haven't seen you in ages!!! Well....i haven't reallly and that sucks!!! You two are so so cute together and you look absolutely beautiful!!!!! Ooooh I'm so glad you blogged to me!! It made my week!! For sure!!

Brady and Kelsey said...

You are so dang cute! I'm glad things are working out for you guys and that you found a new home! Make sure you post pictures :) Have you been to your new ward yet?

Chelsey and Adam said...

Rachael!!! Holy smackers! haha i found you on my little tina wina's page and was super happy to see it! I can't believe you are living so far away! I would ask all the same questions tina asked...but she already asked you should tell me too! haha!

Chelsea & Nate said...

cute! I'm glad your doing good in your new apartment! haha Nate is so funny..How were your interveiws?

Jake and Jen said...

haha, Nate's so funny homes!

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