Thursday, August 28, 2008

Roosevelt Island

This is the tram that takes you over to Roosevelt Island. We were going to live over there but we decided not to. It is a fun air tram and it only takes about three minutes to cross the east river. You just have to time it right in order to get on.
These are the apartments that we were looking into. The apartment itself was awesome. It was a one bedroom, full kitchen, stainless steel appliances, and it was huge compared to everything else we looked at. But the building itself was pretty ghetto and we didn't feel right about it. We settled for less space on the other side of the river where we feel safe and where its easier to get around the city. Plus our rent is cheaper! We took these pictures from Queens when we took our little field trip to COSTCO. It was fun. We still might get a COSTCO card. We felt at home there...more of what we are used to!
This is on Roosevelt Island. We can see it from our new house too. Just across the river. The OCTAGON. The very first place that we found online. More expensive! Looks neat. Also on the Island.
The first couple of nights that we were here we went to the lottery for Wicked tickets. Right now the premium tickets are going for $300. The guy at the ticket booth said the best thing to do is buy them for Jan or Feb now and just see it once. We never won the lottery, and its a good thing cause we don't have money to play with yet. haha. But if you do win you get two tickets at $26.25 a piece and you sit in the front row. Can't beat it. Lots of people have won the lottery over and over. The first time we went the people in front of us and behind us won, but not us. This is why we don't gamble!!! We'll for sure have to see Wicked before we move, maybe around the time of my b-day or valentines day. hint hint!

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Jake and Jen said...

Keep trying!! I know you'll win.

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