Thursday, August 28, 2008

Week One in the City

Here is the apartment that we have been subletting! Pretty sweet. The Murphy bed is handy, but not so comfortable. Matt and Julee have been so accommodating to let us stay here another week. We helped Julee move a bunch of their stuff out of the apartment and into their new place in Jersey City. Her husband is still on vacation, so we're happy to help them after all that they've done to help us out. We're going to make another trip to Jersey with Julee this weekend and get the rest of their stuff out there. We get to move into our new apartment this weekend as well which will be so nice. Tonight Nate and I went to Sleepy's and purchased our bed. It will be delivered on saturday. We can't wait to have our own bed again, and a cozy one! Here he is, watching the Olympics on the not so comfortable Murphy bed. He's cute blending in with the sheets! I don't know what we would have done if it wasn't for the Olympics the past couple of weeks. It definitely gave us something to do! We had lots of fun watching the swimming and gymnastics especially.

The day after we decided on an apartment we decided to take a trip to the temple. It was wonderful and just what we needed. The Manhattan temple is small but special to say the least. The decor was elegant and we felt right at home. We've been very blessed to live in places where the temples are so close. Hopefully we'll get to visit this one often!
It was funny though because they are doing some construction on the building that the temple is in, so we could hear lots of drilling at the beginning of the session. And speaking of drilling and obnoxious noises...I've had the pleasure of hearing drilling all day long as I've sat at home alone this week. I guess that they are installing things and working on the apartments next to us, but I can hear it all!! It starts about 9 am and lasts till about 4 or 5pm. I finally had to get out of the house so I took a nice trip to the library. Good Times! More reason for our excitement to move!


The Little Fielding Family said...

Hey Rach!! I love you!! How are you doing? I havent talked to you since you and Nate got married!! Where are you living right now? I want your email so you can be on my list!! Loves!!

Jake and Jen said...

haha, Oh the library. You and your reading books Rach. Remember when I used to say, "what's a book?" The library is quite the opposite of loud drilling so good choice.

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