Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night Lights: An Awakening

You may ask what my title is insinuating? Let me tell you about a conversation Nathan and I just had. It is Friday night. Nate walked through the door about twenty minutes ago. He walked in and the door slammed because I had our windows open. Much to my horror, I screamed and looked up with my hands glued to my face, much like Kevin McCallister on Home Alone, to find that it was only Nathan. He stirred me away from my intense studies to tell me about an awakening he had. I still wasn't giving him my full attention as I was working on homework that is due in a few hours. By this time, he sat down at the table that is roughly placed in the middle of the apartment right now because the corner it belongs to is still slathered with crap/boxes from the move. I may not decorate until this semester ends. He pulled out his study material and then continued to tell me his life plans. This was our conversation:

Nate: I was made for the NBA.
Me: You were made for an MBA?
Nate: No, the NBA. No MBA here!
Me: Oh great!
Nate: I was born to entertain!

Indeed he was! I thought that for maybe two seconds he was letting me know that he wanted to go to business school. Nah! Not as of yet. Here's what else he informed me of during this conversation.

Me: Don't you need a degree in like broadcasting or journalism?
Nate:I can sell myself. You're talking to a kid who would wake up at 5 Am to watch Sports Center before school.
Me: Wow. Alright, go for it!

The missionaries love this kid, and so do I. We've had them over twice this month and each time has proven to be highly entertaining. We had fun celebrating two elders' birthdays with Costco cake for the first party and Two Little Red Hens cupcakes for the second. It was fun! Alright, enough. Back to business. Peace!

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Nate and Erin Russell said...

I LOVE TWO LITTLE RED HENS!! but even more i loved going with you with our two squirmy babies. miss you guys!!

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